This Tech Business Holds Company-Wide, 15-Minute Standing Meetings to Keep Employees Connected

August 22, 2017

Skipio’s CEO, Nick Greer, and CMO, Randy Garn, explain how keeping a positive, open company atmosphere and holding 15-minute power meetings are keys to helping your employees grow just as much as your business. Garn stresses the importance of creating a learning environment that teaches employees to innovate, bringing new ideation to your company

Entrepreneur Network partners Scott Duffy and Alan Taylor recognize the undeniable clout of face-to-face networking as they try a popular sandwich from Black’s Sliders. Though technically not a burger, the delectable Scooter’s Southern Fried Chicken Slider is topped simply with romaine lettuce and ranch dressing on a Tuscan bun. Greer and Garn stress the importance of nurturing organic business relationships. While technology is beneficial, it can never replace the power of genuine, human interactions. That’s why Greer and Garn created Skipio, a platform that makes sending highly personalized text messages to potential and current clients easy. Learn how to step up your networking game with business partners and employees alike.

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